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Full Version: Your Animals.
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My two cats..Speedy on the left side, male cat...and Lobke on the right side..female cat.

[Image: 100_0106.jpg]

[Image: 100_0105.jpg]

[Image: 100_0104.jpg]
Ohh Corry, your cats are so nice
I just love to see picture´s of them
They are so sweet together.. A nice match Big Grin If we can call them that

How old are they?

I just got to know to day my cousine´s cat is very sick, it can´t walk and it´s so sad..
He is so sad about it and can´t think about a day without his cat..
He has had the cat since he was 3 years old and he is 16 years old now.. It´s so sad
@Lykke...the cat on the right side is Lobke, a female cat and she's 11 years old but she's still acting like a kitty. Rolleyes
She's the naughtiest one. Tongue
The cat on the left side is Speedy, a male cat and he's 13 years old.Smile

So sorry to hear about the cat from your cousine. So sad. Sad I hope his cat will recover very soon. Sad
My rabbit with rabbit for my sister (She has a birthday on thursday)

[Image: P1040590.jpg]

my dog

[Image: P1040603.jpg]
Corry lovely,sweet Cats..SmileSmile

Mysuge lovely dog,and rabbitsCool
Wow very nice pictures
This is my cat Sara. she is 7 years old now. she will be 8 in juli. she's very nice, cute and very sweet to me..i can't miss her!!

[Image: sara20feb2007.jpg]
Mysuge, oh so cute rabbits and Terka
of course too sweet Smile

Dutchgirl and Corry lovely cats.

And this is my little doggie Bella:
[Image: belkaohnisko.jpg]
[Image: B7.jpg]
[Image: B1.jpg]
[Image: belinka5.jpg]
[Image: Belinka1.jpg]
[Image: Belinka3.jpg]
Oh sweeties I'm completely in love with your pets. ADORABLE !!!!!! SmileSmile
Nice photo's from the pets lovely SmileSmile
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