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Full Version: Happy Birthday Joey - 20th December 1972
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Happy 35th Birthday dear Joey [Image: 11.gif]

For me it was one of the highlights of my Kellyfan beeing to meet you and talk with you in Dortmund.
You're such a sympathetic man! Stay as you are.

I wanna wish you all the best things in life, Love, Health and Happiness.
May all the dreams you have can be fulfilled.

Have a great day together with your beloved family. Birthday Birthday

[Image: x5.gif]
I would wont to wish you lots of helthy children.
And all the helth, joy, and love in the world for you.
Happy Birthday


Joey i hope your birthday is a pleasent one with you family.
happy Birthday JoeyWink

Have a nice day with your lovelyfamily and friendsxmaspresentsxmaspresentsxmaspresents
BirthdayBirthday:birthday:Happy birthday enjoy your day Joeyxmaspresents:xmaspresents:with your familyBirthday
Happy birthday Joey. Wish you allm the best in life. Hope you, your lovely wife and kids will have a wounderful dayKnuddel
Have a great day Joey LuxhelloLuxhello

Happy Birthday BabydustBabydust

May all your dreams come true BabydustBabydustBabydust
Happy birthday dear Joey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

:birthday:Happy birthday Joey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Smile
Happy, Happy Birthday Dear Joey!!
Wish you all your dreams to come true, all your aims to be gotten, a lot of success, love, joy, power. Never ending smiles on your children's faces and everything what only can make you happy! All the best!
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