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Full Version: Zumba!
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Are there any zumba-fans??? RoflRofl
Haha I tried it once in the gym, but it was killing Tongue I have some dvd's at home which I used Tongue It's really good for the body 'cause it makes you feel every muscle! Big Grin
I want to try Zumba...maybe if there are some videos on youtube. And if I really like it, maybe I'll buy a DVD.
I tried it once, but I think I'm already a fan. I hope can do it more often!
I tried it once too but after three minutes I was out of breath Headbanger
I think take part in zumba lesson we should more than one time. Because first time is always like running from wall to wall with crazy, screaming people shock My first time was like that ok But 2-3 lesson, I knew a little bit more and now I'm crazy about that!
This is my instructor and group:

she's quite good I would say Wink

I really like zumba as well. all that sweat and short breath - it's a real calorie burner.

I like the way it makes me feel - more confident and sexy Wink and on top of that happy and full of energy.

but I prefer my instructor - the way she moves... God! She's from Brasil so you can imagine.
looool i didn't know that... very cool i would like some lessons with these rythm... i like salsa, merengue, rumba,cha cha cha... Latinos... i like to dance a loooooooooooooooot...
I danced zumba for a while! SOOOOO fun! I love the latino rythmics.
i hate zumba and aerobics. i like only sports that you do alone, not with group/team.
I love zumba! I am training for 2 months. Yesterday I trained too. Our instructor is great. She moves with grace and joy. I recommend zumba!
I love zumba! My classmate is a zumba instructor and she used to give us zumba lessons every friday at p.e. lessons... It was great! We really don't like the way our teacher runs lessons badly , so we were always happy to dance Rofl I think thanks to zumba lessons my moves are smoothier and generally I felt better Wink So I'm a zumba fan Aniheart
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