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Full Version: Trekking/ Hiking/ Beeing outside
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Hi Globetrotter´s!!!!!!
I really hope i can found here some of it!
Some which like to be outside!
Some are the same addicted like me to be outside by every weather!
Some which are also want to live and work the whole day out!
Some which love´s to walk and hike!
Some which love´s Trekking and all what have to do with it!
Some Globetrotter!
Come on, let us talk and dream!
About to fly away! To mountains, to sleep in wildness, in tents, under the star´s! To be near the animals and the forest, to be surviver!
Even in the energy of the air, of the nature!
Nice topic @Nadine. Smile

Oh I really love it to be outside. Not trekking or hiking but just being outside. When I'm at work and the weather is lovely I feel just like I'm in a jail haha. There's nothing more beautiful then enjoy outside the whispering birds, to breath and smell the fresh air. I also love it to eat outside. I don't have a garden, only a balcony but I'm already happy that I can be outside there. The last times I was very often thinking to have a dog so that we could have long walkings together everyday, on your own you don't do that so easely but it isn't possible. The poor animal would sit here the whole day alone when I'm at work, that's not good. I have lived for many years very near to the sea and I'm addicted to smell the sea breeze. I miss that so much here in the south. Now I'm living in a big city and I try to enjoy nature as much as I can.
Thank you for answering Corry....
i can imagine that it would be easier to go with a dog outside.....and you get with a animal more a wildness naturaly feeling!
Oh, often i go for a long hiking walk here in a near forest, it´s around 10 km, i do this alone. Often i try to hear music by walking, but then i have not the same like alone. There i feel god in me, sometime´s it´s like he give me a sign!
And about to eat outside, great, i love it! I love it to make a fire, and make some bread there on a stick or cooking a soup over there, so special feelings! Reminds me to my youth by a pathfinder-group!
I LOVE the outdoors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love sleeping in tents or under the open sky!! I love hiking and trekking!!! Love being out in the woods and the mountains.
We Norwegians are known for being outdoor peopleTongue We have a saying here: "Det finnes ikke dårlig vær, bare dårlige klær" (There's no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing".. hehe.. it really is true about the saying I think!

I LOVE skiing as well!!!!!!!!!!! I know it's not hiking and trekking... but it involves being outsideTongue I love cross-country skiing and slalomSmile

For two years at middle school (8th and 9th grade) I had a subject called "outdoor life", or "friluftsliv" as we call it here ("Freieluftleben" directly translated in German.. hahaha).. We went hiking and trekking in the woods and mountain. Went skiing.. Learned CPR, learned how to use a map and a compass... I just LOVED it!!!!!!

I'll see if I can find some of me pictures from one of me mountain trips to Rondane national park in Norway.

Nadine darling@ Have you ever considered travelling to Norway for hiking and trekking??? We have some majestic and fantastic mountains up here!!
@Shamrock.....ah, so great answer to read early in the morning!!!!!!!
Well, i was one time in norway, but this is long ago, only for a short trip to Oslo! I was in sweden 6 weeks when i was 17, we where on a long hike there from Malmö-Stockholm-Karlstadt-back to Malmö. Oh, you can´t imagine how i would love to have the possibility to travel to Norway to hike, to enjoy the wildness, together with my kids and Corwin, also alone! I think when you post photo´s here i will die because of my big jealous feelingsShy
I was 6 years ago in Alaska and Kanada, can´t describe my feelings!
The energy there is amazing!
Of course i know what you say.....only bad or wrong clothes!
Here where we live all mean we are stupid, me and my family, Corwin and kids, we almost go and walk, drive by car only to work, to city which is 10 km far away. But here in village, only walk, even it is so much rainy and stormy, or in winter when it´s cold! Oh, also i love the most autumm and winter! I suffer when we have, like last winter not one time really cold and snow!
And, i must admit, i´m completly addicted from Trekking-clothesRolleyes.........
yes, i must confess, they are expensive, but i saw around many many years that the quality is really good, better then another! And also for the kids we buy it often! I think when they walk with us, and Emma get sometime´s around 6 km a day with her lil feets, she need good quality shoes! Or jackets for winter and rain, i can´t use some product´s which are not work, getting cold or nass after ten minutes in rain! No, we often walk here in rain more than two hours!
Oooh, you've been to Norway allready?? How cool! But oh, you have to visit our mountains the next time, okay??Smile

And ooooh, what a hike in Sweden!! WOW!!! How much time did you need for that??
Got any pictures from Alaska and Canada?? I'd love to see!

I think it's great that you and your family walk so much!! I mean, it's good for your health and the environment - and it's enjoyable! Why take the car when it's only like 10-30 minutes of walking by feet! And some rain, storm or snow won't kill you (well, it could, but you get me pointTongue)

And hey, I agree with the clothes! I mean, if you're really into hiking and trekking and you do it a lot, then why not have the right clothes and equipment. It'll last longer then, and probably be of a better quality. And yes, how great that you buy the kids good shoes!! Like me dad's always said: The most important thing you buy in life are shoes and madrasses - and you shouldn't cut back on those two things. And, when you have the right clothing and the right equipment - being outdoor is no stress, just fun, relaxing and recharging of your batteries!

I've found the pictures from my trekking in Rondane July 2003. Rondane was the first national park in Norway, if I'm not mistaken.. It's a very calm and gentle mountain, very child-friendly. It's quite round-shaped mountains as you can see, not rough and spikey as for example Jotunheimen in Norway.
Me friend and I was here for a couple of days. We camped down in the valley by a cold cold creek and from our base took daytrips in the mountains.

Me relaxing on a wee wooden bridge
[Image: rondane001.jpg]

Rondalsvannet / Loch Rondal
[Image: rondane002.jpg]

Me friend and I hiked to the highest peek to the right, called Storronden (big ronden). I thought I was gonna die here and there.. I'm afraid of hights and somewhere on our way up I lay down and just clinged to the mountain refusing to go any further! hahaha.. oh, the memories!
[Image: rondane003.jpg]

On the other side of the loch, we found some climing adventures... hihi.. it's was steep I tell you! We were so afraid!! hahaha.. Here's me friend while I'll allready made it to the top
[Image: rondane004.jpg]

And we found a hidden water fall.. it was beautiful
[Image: rondane005.jpg]

And hey, if you want to see another cool location from Norway, google "prekestolen" and you'll see some breathtaking pictures from a cliff.
Oh wow, Shami, would you know what you´ve done for me in this morning!
Gosh, so great photo´s, so great memorie´s!
The second one is fantastic! I want to go there, soon!!!!!!!!!
I have many Pix from Kanada and Alaska, also in Ireland i maked some trips. I must take some time to scann them, i will show them when i have it!
Well, about the hike in Sweden, we taked 6 weeks for that, but we didn´t travel all the time, we stayed sometime´s for two or three or more night´s in tent´s, and also we travel by bike and train a bit, haha, how funny, one day, i remember, it was a lovely day, great weather, and we decidet to sleep under the star´s! We where in a little city, can´t remember the name, and we didn´t find a place,so, there was a small river, and a big, we sleep with our "Isomatten" there on the river, ignore the place, we didn´t know what it is! In the moring when we woke up, around us car´s, car´s and people, men´s in buisness-dresses.......we slept between all! My god, one men came to us and ask us if we need helpEekEekEekEek
It was so embarassed,and the most funny!!!!!!
Ohhh, and Beseggen, that's another fantastic place in NorwayYlinlove

I'll be looking forward to seeing your photos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Smile

WOW, 6 weeks!!! woooow! Sound really fun tho'!!! And hahahahahahahahahahahhaah, I had to laugh at your little sleeping experienceRoflmao Gosh, I can imagine your face waking up Roflmao HAHAHAHAHAH!!

Hey... Are you the one who likes motorbikes??? Can't remember if it's you or Melanie.. hm... But, if it's you.. then you should watch "Long Way Round" with Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman! They travel from London to New York on bikes! The long way round.. taking them through Europe, Asia, Russia.. SOOOOO great travell documentary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Make sure you see the 10 episode DVD!!!
Right, i was the one who like motorbike´s.......Corwin have one.
I don´t know this report, i must search for it....sound´s great!
Till now i haven´t scann my pic´s, i must do....even when for sure i will sit with tears in my eye´s then there.........lovely memory´s!
So long time ago!
Ah, so me memory was right this timeSmile You are the motorchickBig Grin

So, here's a link for the DVD at (they have free shipping)

I think Corwin will love it as well!! It's SUCH a great DVD!!! I mean, it's two buddies on their bikes riding across the world!Ylinlove
Here's a trailer for the DVD:

Right now Ewan and Charley are riding from Scotland to South-Africa!!!! "Long Way Down"! Hihihhi
You know Ewan McGregor right?? The brilliant handsome Scottish ladYlinlove

Have you ever slept in a Gapahuk???
Like this??? Or a wooden one..
Thank you for the link´s, i will look after, seems to be very interesting!
And of course i know Ewan Mc GregorYlinloveYlinloveYlinlove

Oh, i don´t know it, Gapahuk?......Looks fantastic on the picture, perhaps it´s like a Tarp, you know?
It is interesting!!! Very!!!!!! I just love that documentary!!!Ylinlove And you get to see so much of the world really!!!!

Tarp seems to be a right word for Gapahuk.. Gapahuk is the Norwegian word.. sorry, I forgot to add the ""s in me earlier post... But I googled tarp, and it looks to be the same!! You just sleep under a "half tent" thingie.. hehe... It's really great! Easy to carry and all.. tents can be quite heavy so..Tongue
today summer start´s here in my country!
Well, i like atumm and winter more, i doesn´t care of rain or storm or cold.....never!
But today i get a feeling from camping, cause almost we do in summer, to smell the tent´s, the grass and the water!
It summer here as well allright... me godd, it's sooooooooooooooo hot... melting away hereSadReallymad I can like summer when it's not this hot... but the last days have been awfully hot, no fun at all..

I'm trying to plan either a hiking trip in the Rondane mountain or a hike from Stryken to Oslo... I hope we'll be able to do it!!Smile
You do Shami, great, i´m jealousShy.......
i want to go with you, oh my, you can´t imagine how much! Sometime´s i´m struggling with the fact that i haven´t so many possibility´s at the momentSad........
But this time will come again, for sure!
Today was really a great day of thinking about beeing outside, trekking and on!
First we build in the morning our tent cause we planned some trips in summer and we want to look if all is ok.......
to smell it inside get some feelings back.....
Then i go to buy a book about a Expedition from Arved Fuchs, you know him?
There are so damn great picture´s in, and i can´t wait to start to read!
Then, the next, today a really great day, i got a DVD from "Fjällraven Classics" a report from a hike from Nikaluokta till Abisko in Sweden. oh, you can´t imagine how wonderful! I´m almost melting by seeing.....and hey, i get hope, there are also kids on with the hike, between 10 and 14 years i think!
So, i have to wait a bit, but like we know is Emma already a very good walker, with her lil feets she get last summer in germany in a mountain forest called "Spessart" 9,5 kilometers with us, and there she was only 3 years old!......So, we make it step by step!
But i´ve yearning here........
Guy´s come on....
i can´t believe, it´s not only shami and mine privat topic!
Here must be more "Outdoorer"!!!!!!Hail

@Shami, by the way, till now i haven´t scann, i´m sorry, but with much luck i can make in summer some hike photo´s from a great forest in germany called Spessart.......
I love hiking!

To reach the peak of the mountain, find the stamp to put in the hiking diary.
Walk along the rivers in search of waterfalls. Search for abandoned towns, castles or churches. To find the way trough the mountain, alone with maps and marks.

I'm still new in it. For long time I didn’t have anyone to go with.
For now I go only for one day trips and in Croatia and Slovenia only.
I was a timorous girl, so it was a big step to me when I first went in mountain.
Now my friends tell me that I’m crazy when I talk about where I was.
But I’m steel afraid to sleep in wildness, and of snakes!

Here you can find some pictures from my trips:

The nature is soo beautiful!
Wowww....@Jasmy I'm impressed by your amazing pictures.
Such a beautiful nature. AniheartAniheart
(10-20-2008 09:20 PM)Corry Wrote: [ -> ]Wowww....@Jasmy I'm impressed by your amazing pictures.
Such a beautiful nature. AniheartAniheart


And look at this;init:.JPG

a modern toilette in an abandoned vilage on the tallest mountain in Istria
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