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Full Version: What are you going to watch?
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So who will be watching the Olympics, and which sports?
Me, I would have loved to see gymnastics, but at that time I'm on holiday in Sweden. Still, I hope that Russia will win team gold and that Aliya Mustafina will become all around champion.
Can't wait for tonight's ceremony! Rofl I'm going to watch athletics, beach volleyball, gymnastics, volleyball. But if I will have some free time I would love to watch just everything Smile
I'm not watching it, I think it's so boring Tongue
It depends on my free time but I would like to see as much as I can.
Probably I will watch the most athletics. ok

Can't wait for tonight's ceremony as well. Rofl
@i'm with Katarzynka and Okki, i want to see the ceremony tonight, must be wonderfull i cry like a baby every single time that i watch... Smile
looool i'm silly ****
Well, the opening ceremony, of course (I love that!) and definitely the swimming contests. But depending on my time, I'm open to any kind of sport on offer. Wink
Opening Ceremony was so beautiful AniheartBabydust I was so proud when I saw our delegation. I love Olympics because it brings everyone together
(07-28-2012 10:25 AM)Mariam Wrote: [ -> ]Opening Ceremony was so beautiful AniheartBabydust

Totally agree with that. Ylinlove
Great that sport reunite people around the world. Aniheart
i like to see athletics and swimming. so i hope i can see them on tv.
Yay!!! First day and first medal hurray

The ceremony was good but prefer the previous one in Beijing Tongue maybe 'cause I love Asian culture.
Haha everytime when some delegation went through the stadium I was thinking about you. Big Grin

btw did you hear the first kids choir? they sang "Danny Boy" Smile
I try to watch all the sports that Hungary is involved in... today, judo, table tennis, swimming, shooting, and gymnastics artistic... i don`t know what time they will start... Nixweiss
I know that shooting is from 14:00, at the moment i`m watching judo unfortunatelly i missed the Hungarian girl in gymnastics artistic, but the others were so beautifull, i love that sport i used to to that (gymnastics and bar)!!!!
we won a bronze medal yesterday in women judo!!! hurray
Yesterday i also watched archery, congratulation to Italy i was rooting for them, as the guy was so funny while shooting he looked like a hamster, seriously how he hold his breathRoflmao
(07-29-2012 01:15 PM)elftunde Wrote: [ -> ]he looked like a hamster,

Oh my God, a hamster, I'm dying. Roflmao

Anyway I don't know what I'm going to watch, a bit of all. Smile
He really did look like a hamster!!! I was like:- COME ON HAMSTER, you can do a 10, come on!!! Big Grin ANd they win!!! Smile
First Georgian gold medal hurrayhurray in Judo okhurray
Go Georgia, it had been a really good match. ok
(07-29-2012 08:05 PM)CerriBerri Wrote: [ -> ]Go Georgia, it had been a really good match. ok

thank you Ylinlove it was ! I was so proud Aniheart I had tears in my eyes when I heard my hymn and saw my flag Aniheart
Jesus, we have only one medal for now Rolleyes

I'm going to watch volleyball. For about 15 min. match Poland vs. Bulgaria. Should goes very well! Smile
oh my Portugal lost in judo, swimming... it's been an awfull time till now... but i've to salut all the one that have won* Congratualtions*

the ceremony was beautiful, when the irsh kids sang oh danny boy my eyes start with tears... bahhhhh * i'm a emotive person... and then i was so anciouse that Portugal came that i say to my mom and dad, i go to my bed but i'll turn the tv and watch everything to keep it calm down here... so i went and my eyes close for a minute and guess what when i wake up i saw Spain... Can you imagine.... looool

Good luck to all Ylinlove
Slovenia won a golden medal in judo today...hurray
I'm really happy, it's a great success for such a small country! ok

@Ana...i also loved the ceremony with Irish kids! Babydust

Good luck to all countries and congratulations to those who already won some medals!! okBabydust
Congrats Mariam, you won against our guy, but then we won the silver medal! Smile

And congratulations for all of the countries!!!! Sorry that Poland only got one medal so far... hope they get some more!!!!!
China is on fire this year!!!! shock
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