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Full Version: Favorite free time activities
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which ones are they??
my very favourite activity is definately dancing jazz ballet, but also coming here, running, cycling, roller-blading, listening to music and watch some good stuff on tv.
mine are: reading, walking, puzzeling, internet, watching tv/dvd/vhs, sport, swimming and my catWink
I love watching football, watching and playing snooker, reading, listening to music, taking care of my animals, surfing on the net, learning Spanish, spending all of my time with people I love, having long walks, and I have just started doing kick-box again, I hope my knees will allow me to continueWink
With no doubts Sports!! Also cuddling my catsSmile.... then i have the most usuals like cinema, theater, music, reading, traveling, being with friends, etc, etc.
everything connected with Kellys, reading, languages and translating in general, being with my Felix, my friends, Danny in general, getting know new places, mailing, net.
I don't have much free time because of my little kids, but when I've free time I like singing, writing, sports, reading and going to cinema very much!

Before I became a mama, I was three times a week at jazz-dancing. I loved it very much! Now I don't have enough time and enough money! Sad
Nice activities you have in your free time @Peppel Smile I like it. Oh dear...I know how it is when you have lil kids....busy mommy huh Smile

How many kids do you have ?? Sorry for my off topic question but I'm interested in that. Smile
Peppel Wrote:Before I became a mama, I was three times a week at jazz-dancing. I loved it very much! Now I don't have enough time and enough money! Sad

oooh, great!! another jazz dancer!!!!!!! LuxhelloLuxhelloLuxhello
Hm ..

crossword puzzles
listen to music
surfin' the net
get together with friends and acquintances
cooking, webdesign, shopping, painting and drawing, music, making music (playing piano, guitar, accordeon, base), writing songs and poems, making jewellery, dreaming and sleepingWink
Well, in my case, when I am free I love to write Wink
This is my absolute hobby. I love it a lot. I love to express myself through writing Wink My diary, poems, my blog, and stories Ylinlove I love to write stories YlinloveYlinlove Also love: Reading good books, going walks, listening to music, watching good movies Wink Eating Big Grin
* Reading books.....
*Crosswords Puzzeles,and other puzzeles.
*Listen to the music.
*Surfin on internet
*Bike ride.
*Watching Tv,DVD,VHS.
song/poem writting
Writting in my journal
Listen to the music
Meetings with people
Touring of curious place
riding and being together with my horses
playing tennis
talking with you in the forum of courseKnuddel
meeting friends
doing some races with NadineWink
sometimes watching TV
Inga Wrote:doing some races with NadineWink

What kind of races do you mean?Nixweiss
doing also some crazy raceĀ“s with Inga,cross america and anywhere else!
go walking
mostly go hiking!!!!
starring at PaddySadBig Grin
beeing outside, in action
hmm photoshop? Big Grin and everything conceted with my computer like music, watching tv shows (prison break, heroes, lost , greys anatomy Ylinlove ) internet
reading books
sometimes drawing
walking with my dog
*listening to music
*reading books
*meeting my friends
*watching good films
*sleeping Big Grin
*sport (horse-riding, skiing, swimming, jogging, playing volleyball, tennis etc)
*doing nothing :]
gosia_t Wrote:*sport (horse-riding, )

Just like me Luxhello
Unfortunately I havent been doing it for ages Sad
- Sport, I love it !
- Dancing
- Being with my two best friends
- Making graphic, hehe
- Eating :-D
- Taking photos
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