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Full Version: Daisy's photos
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One of my biggest hobby is photography. And I wanted to show some photos in this thread.

Here are some photos of the ice show in Europa Park (another hobby of me Angel )

[Image: img0931h.jpg]
[Image: img1585y.jpg]
[Image: img1638u.jpg]
[Image: img1762gq.jpg]
The photos don't work Sad
They are fantastic Daisy! Aniheart I really like the first and the third one! Babydust

You don't see them Nina? thinker
ah, now I see them Smile they are stenning, waw!!!! Babydust
Nice photos, good work Luxhello
Great photos Luxhello
Thank you Ylinlove

(03-30-2013 03:15 PM)Phoebs Wrote: [ -> ]The photos don't work Sad

I noticed that too and changed the links Wink


Some other photos:

Ornella de Santis
[Image: img0955l.jpg]
[Image: img2242ri.jpg]

[Image: img7858if.jpg]
[Image: img1376vt.jpg]
Great pics Ylinlove
Thanks Dionne Smile

2 pics of my secondcousin (about 9 months old)
[Image: img40292.jpg]
[Image: 50909064.jpg]

And her big sister
[Image: img0102rb.jpg]
Lovely children! Ylinlove They're so cute! Aniheart Great pics! ok
Beautiful kids Babydust
Lovely photos Smileok I love love love photography as well! ( )

I esp like the black and white ones of the dancers Smile Cute children Happy
Amazing pics Daisy.ok
The kids are so cute.Babydust
Wonderful pictures you've posted here. Ylinlove
Great shot! Ylinlove

Lovely children. Ylinlove
The children are so cute! Ylinlove Lovely photos of them!Babydust
Thanks everyone Ylinlove

@ Corry
I love that photo too. It's one of my favorits from last year.

Some other photos
[Image: img8042r.jpg]
[Image: img2437r.jpg]
[Image: img1678ez.jpg]
[Image: img1465b.jpg] [Image: img0369uc.jpg]
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