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Full Version: New CD: "Stille Nacht 2012"
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Quote:Dear friends, it's been two great years with our special Christmas Program "Stille Nacht"! Back in 2011 we were so overwhelmed by the positive feedback and support that you gave us that we decided to renew the tour for 2012 and see you all again. Once more, it was a tremendous joy to do so. Unfortunately this year though, the focus will be on quite a few solo projects/tours happening, so there won't be a third edition of the show for 2013. But we have a little consolation for you: A live recording of the 2012 tour, that will bring back good memories to all who came to celebrate with us. This is the cover of the CD. A release date will be announced soon, so stay tuned! – Paddy, Patricia, Joey, Kathy & Paul


LIebe Freunde, es waren zwei tolle Jahre mit unserem speziellen Weihnachtsprogramm "Stille Nacht"! Damals in 2011 waren wir von Eurem positiven Feedback und Eurer Unterstützung so überwältigt, dass wir uns dazu entschlossen, die Tour für 2012 noch einmal zu erneuern und Euch alle wiederzusehen. Erneut war es für uns eine große Freude. Dieses Jahr liegt unser Fokus jedoch auf einige Solo-Projekten und -Touren, so dass es eine dritte Ausgabe der Show für 2013 leider nicht geben wird. Aber wir haben einen kleinen Trost für Euch: Eine Live-Aufnahme von 2012, die allen, die mit uns gefeiert haben, gute Erinnerungen zurückbringen wird. Dies ist das Cover der CD. Ein Veröffentlichungsdatum wird bald schon bekannt gegeben. Bleibt am Ball! - Paddy, Patricia, Joey, Kathy & Paul
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It's bad and good news together. No SN this year, but CD from last year. Smile I'm very happy about the CD and I am curious where they recorded it.
Yeah Me too Pray

I was almost sure it wouldn't be any Stille Nacht this year so this is good news for me.. Now I can enjoy and remember the magic moment I had in Berlin music
Yes, I also was quite sure this year there will be no SN, but still, there was some hope...
cryingcrying i was not able to go the last 2 years so i had still a little hope that it will be a tour this year again... but well... i'll buy the cd for sure music
I will buy the CD too, as a memory of last year music
Its a big shame that there will be no DVD Sad
Maybe they will release a DVD when enough fans compain... Tongue Tongue Tongue
Wasn´t it that way the last year, too Nixweiss thinker Nixweiss

Anyway: I am looking forward to the CD ok
I also hope that there will be a SN DVD release , but a CD is also very nice Rofl I hope, that the CD will include all songs from the show and that we not have to wait until there will be released a double-CD, which includes all songs music but I´m looking forward to the CD musicYlinlove
I will buy that too Headbanger
Oh, this news surprised me, I mean about the CD and not that there won`t be a SN tour this year.
I`m glad they will release a CD, and I have the hope that there will come a DVD too. Prayyes
I don't think there will be a DVD too as then they should have recorded a concert. But I haven't heard they did. And to record a DVD is not like recording a CD. You can record a CD so that no one recognizes it, but not a DVD. There are cameras everywhere so people would have recognized that. And a DVD recording surely would have been announced before as it was by SN 2011 and also by Angelo. So it would be a wonder if they did a recording so that noone noticed.
I heard that one of the shows i Frankfurt were recorded... So maybe are we lucky Rofl
If it's true, then it is possible.
According to the "Stille Nacht"-Album will be published at 26th August 2013; you can also already order it there:
Does anyone know anything about the new CD? I received an email from amazon that it will be sent today but today i got another mail, telling me that they are not able to say when the cd will be there and if there will be a cd at all. It's strange, isn't it?
The setlist is online:

Stille Nacht 2012
1. Prolog
2. Happy Xmas
3 Stille Nacht
4 Angels we have heard on high
5 Ave Maria
6 O komm Emanuel
7 One more happy Christmas
8 little drummer boy
9 O holy Nicht
10 Tochter Zion
11 The Rose
12 Nollaig
13 Ares Qui
14An Angel
15 Heute ist Weihnachten
Here you can already listen into the Songs:
cryingcryingcryingcrying It reminds me of this beautiful day cryingcryingcryingcrying
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