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Full Version: 2014 Tourdates Paddy (discussions)
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Yup yup see you in Belgium 2014 Paddy hurray music
What a pain to get tickets for Belgium.
I was on the 2nd row, and got bumped and bumped further away because the horrible website wouldn't work scream
Yes, the ticket sale was rather chaotic. But well...... finally it worked and for me having a ticket after all is more important than the seat where to sit.
I don't care much eather, but still, the pain from that website was worse then when bying tickets for Coldplay or some other highly desired artist
There are enough people who seen his show a few times now from the first 3 rows, and won't settle for anything less.
Me too i don't care where i sit as long as i'm there Wink
With all due respect but... Paddy come on, finish this tour, release an album and go with the new one! silent
Exactly.... Nixweiss
Well, girls, there are still a lot of people who didn˙t have a chance to see him on this tour. Especially fans from Spain, Portugal, etc.
And reading on his FB, also fans from Germany and other countries, where he already was, still want to see him.

It is but much better that he is continuing with this tour, as he would just "sit on the sofa" and do nothing, while fans would wait on his album.

While he is having a few concerts every month (on which he is already prepared), still giving him enough time to work on other stuff, too.

Just my opinion.
Sorry, but we don´t know anything about his private life. We can´t say, that he have enough time.
I´m sure there is much more than only concerts and working on his new CD. I hope so Wink
Hmmm, Lila...did I say something about his private life??

This topic is only about his professional life , as I can see. So I don t understand the point of your post very well. Nixweiss
Sorry, may I got you wrong.Nixweiss

I thougt it because you wrote this sentenses:

While he is having a few concerts every month (on which he is already prepared), still giving him enough time to work on other stuff, too.
Yes, probably you got me wrong. Smile

I just wanted to say that I am glad he is continuing with this tour, while we are waiting on his new CD and new tour.
I think it is much better this way, like we wouldnt hear about him and see him on events for long months. Smile
He is the master of his time and his actions.

I always had and still have, a big respect for his private life.
Yessss, I understand you now Smile

I totally argee hurray

And now we have the best time for drinking a lot of tea and wait for the new CD.
It´s a german saying Wink
"Abwarten und Tee trinken"
Haha, OK. Smile
Giving concerts prepares him for the work on the new songs for the album
and he still earns some more money, so he should continue his concerts ok
Wow I haven't been online much for a few days and now he's added new tour dates? I clearly missed a lot! Glad for those who didn't get a chance to see him before though!
Here are the new tour dates for January and February 2014. Presale starts Saturday, Dec 21, at 4pm / 16h:

DO, 30.01.2014 (SK) Trenčín - Piano Club (7:30pm/19:30h)
Tickets: und

FR, 31.01.2014 (D) Freising - Asamtheater (8:00pm/20:00h)

SA, 01.02.2014 (CH) Bern - Yehudi Menuhin Forum (7:30pm/19:30h)
Anyone going to Trencin Slovakia!? thinker
(12-18-2013 09:49 PM)LovemusicofSweden Wrote: [ -> ]Anyone going to Trencin Slovakia!? thinker

I guess Janka will go yes at least hope so ok
I wish Paddy and Co. good luck for selling out a concert in Slovakia on a THURSDAY!
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