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Full Version: Live at Loreley
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Live at Loreley was recorded exactly 20 years ago Babydust

I know it was in August but I forgot the dates (I think it was filmed on 2 days) do you know in wich ones? Happy

wow, 20 years is so long ago, the most wonderful live video from Kellys Ylinlove
Google says 25.08.1995 Happy So almost 20 years already... crazy!! shockRoflmao

Yeah, I LOVE Live at Loreley!!!!!!! Aniheart Best live video ever!! Aniheart

(In September 2017 it will be 20 years since my first Kel-concert.. that's also crazy to think about Tongue shock )
Thnaks @Sham Happy couldnt find it! 25th August it is Aniheart

wow, its really to long ago since your fist concert Babydust
You're most welcome, Speechie-pie Ylinlove
Oh Can't belive it is already 20... It's sad a little... You know why? Because time is going.. And nothing can get it back. All is gone and will go.
also can not believe that the concert at the Loreley twenty years have passed, it sounds crazy fans when we say it's been 20 years, also does not seem to me to be what it's been a long time.

Live At Loreley is one of my favorite gigs of Kelly Family and even music specialists only ranked among the most successful show.

I think Paddy had at that time just 18 years old, and it was really really sweet, really appealed to me then, he had beautiful long hair, actually all of them guys were great.

Seriously, perhaps the best show what Kellys played live and also recorded on VHS.okokmusic
20 years? Oh My God!! I just watched the concert months ago. How time passes...
Paddy was my age back then, I can't believe it!
I agree with you, it's one of the best shows I've seen and I'm glad they have it recorded because this way I can enjoy their concerts even though they are not a band anymore.
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