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My two cats..Speedy on the left side, male cat...and Lobke on the right side..female cat.

[Image: 100_0106.jpg]

[Image: 100_0105.jpg]

[Image: 100_0104.jpg]
Ohh Corry, your cats are so nice
I just love to see picture´s of them
They are so sweet together.. A nice match Big Grin If we can call them that

How old are they?

I just got to know to day my cousine´s cat is very sick, it can´t walk and it´s so sad..
He is so sad about it and can´t think about a day without his cat..
He has had the cat since he was 3 years old and he is 16 years old now.. It´s so sad
@Lykke...the cat on the right side is Lobke, a female cat and she's 11 years old but she's still acting like a kitty. Rolleyes
She's the naughtiest one. Tongue
The cat on the left side is Speedy, a male cat and he's 13 years old.Smile

So sorry to hear about the cat from your cousine. So sad. Sad I hope his cat will recover very soon. Sad
My rabbit with rabbit for my sister (She has a birthday on thursday)

[Image: P1040590.jpg]

my dog

[Image: P1040603.jpg]
Corry lovely,sweet Cats..SmileSmile

Mysuge lovely dog,and rabbitsCool
Wow very nice pictures
This is my cat Sara. she is 7 years old now. she will be 8 in juli. she's very nice, cute and very sweet to me..i can't miss her!!

[Image: sara20feb2007.jpg]
Mysuge, oh so cute rabbits and Terka
of course too sweet Smile

Dutchgirl and Corry lovely cats.

And this is my little doggie Bella:
[Image: belkaohnisko.jpg]
[Image: B7.jpg]
[Image: B1.jpg]
[Image: belinka5.jpg]
[Image: Belinka1.jpg]
[Image: Belinka3.jpg]
Oh sweeties I'm completely in love with your pets. ADORABLE !!!!!! SmileSmile
Nice photo's from the pets lovely SmileSmile
Quote:@Lykke...the cat on the right side is Lobke, a female cat and she's 11 years old but she's still acting like a kitty. Rolleyes
She's the naughtiest one. Tongue
The cat on the left side is Speedy, a male cat and he's 13 years old. Smile
Uhh so they have a good age for a cat, that´s just great Smile
Lobke I remember, she is the lil naughty cat in your home.. Hihi It´s Simba here.. Guess there have to be a cat for that.. Smile

Aarrhhh So many cute animals here Big Grin There are just so sweet.. Hihi
This is Floffy.. Oure new family nember Big Grin
It´s my sister second dog..

Lil Floffy

Krumme sleeping

Edit by Corry...sorry dear that I had to delete the IMG from your photo's. Unfortunately they where to big.
Oh wow, you all have such sweet looking pets Big Grin

@Dutchie-I nearly had a heartattack after seeing your cat. She looks so much like the cat I had when I was under 10. We had to give her away later because of allergy in the family...

I've got a little fish tank at my parents house and for a while there was just one (quite big) cold fish. The fish was kind of depressed, always at the bottom of the tank doing nothing. So my mom thought it would be good if the fish had some company so she had bought a lil tiny cold fish. A few days later the old one stopped swimming completely and breathing too, it died Sad So now there's just one lil fishy swimming around in the tank.
@Lykke...awwwwww Floggy is the CUTEST doggy I have ever seen. Krumme is very cute too. So nice photo's Big Grin Big Grin

@Annie what a sad fish story. Sad Sad
Thanks to all

some one sweet photo of sister rabbit [Image: 126.gif]
[Image: P1040652.jpg]
omg I'm in love with all animals here! They are soooo sweet!!!!! Big Grin

you've already seen my molly:
Edit...Corry...broken links deleted.

sleeping.. on my parent's bed
[Image: mollydc6.jpg]

and in her own bed
[Image: mollyyz4.jpg]

and here is my Kazik:
[Image: kazik1ph3.jpg]
[Image: kazik2gg4.jpg]
[Image: kazik3zc0.jpg] cute rabbit...sweet Big Grin

@Marii....sweet dog Big Grin I see he've found the best place in your house to make a sleep on it hihi.
Your Kazik is also great Big Grin many cute lil animals!They're so adorable!

My two naughty cats,Suzy(9 months old) and Szaffi (1 year 9 months old)...

[Image: cat4.jpg]

And she was my Maya...she died 3 years ago at the age of 14...

[Image: Maya_4.jpg]
Sweet animals, everybody! Smile

And next pictures from my doggie. Tongue
[Image: skratokbellka.jpg]
[Image: belinka4.jpg]
[Image: krtko.jpg]
@Bonnie your cats are really adorable. Wonderful cats. Big Grin

@Weronka I love your dog, he's so cute. Big Grin
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