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I know somewhre on the forum there is a topic for your poems but as far as I know it's about the poems Kelly-related.
I would like to open a topic where you can show us your non kelly related poems... Im not sure if anyone of you wrire poems but if you do- would be great if you share id with us.
I love poetry. I write poems since many, many years...Since I was a child.
Here are some of them:

De Novo

I try my new wings on.
New day burns on the Earth.
Whisper of springs
Is still alive.

There’s so much hope
out there.


We are a a fantasy of stars

Violaceous sky
Poured in the house
In deluge of fog
-dormant by love
We are

A fantasy of stars
Caprice of June’s clouds

And flowers bloom
They bloom and bleed

A music spilled
Like a calm ocean

For the first time
A man comprehended Heaven
And took it seriously.


A night by the ocean

Light was dying in peace.
The tourists laid their heads
On the hotel pillows.
And we- stealthily pretending local
Decided to stay
And listen to a testimony
Of ocean.

The eyes of sky
Sand swirl
And dance…

How small becomes
A distance
Between a star and a tree,
Between us and the ocean…

Revelation of light.

And yesterday
I thought
I know everything
About The World…


Wild Animal

Hidden in woman’s body
- wild and free animal
Don’t sleep…
Looks around carefully,
Examines, observes…

It knows…
- Very soon
Someone’s hand will
Or will only
Commit a crime.

So the animal
Must learn before
- to know the language
of their hands and eyes.

But the animal knows…
There’s nothing it wants more
Than to become tame.
hey =)
I really like your poems, it's obvious that youre writing poems with all your heart!

I also write poems (in particular funny ones^^) but most of them in German, here is one - but I think it's not much sense in posting German poems in the international part of the forum^^:

Übermut ist mit Vorsicht zu genießen
(oder: der Fisch im Baum)

Plötzlich hing ein Fisch im Baum
und als der Ast schon krachte
flog ein Vögelchen vorbei,
das ihn, ins Federkleid gebettet
schnell nach Hause brachte.

Sein zu Hause war das Meer,
denn er hat nur Flossen,
doch kam er voller Tatendrang
mit falschem Ziel im Kopf
durchs kühle Nass geschossen.

Er hatte scheinbar Großes vor,
er wollte hoch hinaus.
Doch, wie er später selber sagte
"An Gefahren dacht' ich nicht,
ich wollt halt mal da raus!"

Wisst ihr, wenn man Träume hat,
dann sollte man sich trauen,
doch trotzdem ist es angebracht,
vorraussichtig zu handeln
und auf Risiken zu schauen.

Der Fisch im Baum heißt "Übermut"
und handelt oftmals blind.
Die "Vorsicht" war sein guter Hirte
und so flog durch lauen Wind
der Fisch ein letztes mal - nach Haus!
Er irrte.


... but I also write songs - and theyr'e in English =) :

I'm a chameleon

1. I have as many colours as the rainbow has
every time you search for me you have to guess.
Actually I don’t want you to notice me
and that’s why I tried to hide, that’s obviously!

I’m a chamele – mele- meleon!
I try to suit, try to be like anyone.
No matter where I am or where I gonna go
I will behave like all the others, so
this chamele – mele – meleon
Is a special animal but very lonesome.

2. I always chance the colour when I change the place
In other words: I often change my face!
I’d just been red but now I’m green
I’m the most fantastic animal you’ve ever seen!



A life like this can be so blue
you just can talk to someone like YOU,
But unfortunately there aren’t so many
Chamele – mele – meleons in the world…


He is near

1. So many times you call his name
when you feel shame
So many things you wanna say
So fold your hands and pray
So many ways you need to go
but you don’t know
so many fears you have to stand
and never say you can’t

He is near
always when it seems you’re falling
always when you can’t stop calling
when your heart is bleeding and you need him
he’s here

2. So many times you soul is dead
Caos in your head
So many things you gotta learn
So start now, iht's your turn
So many ways prepared for you
Always new
So many fears you have to fight
With him you'll make it right


You've got a chance, you've got a chance,
You gotta sing and gotta dance,
He'll show the way when you pray,
He leads you all through the day!

Oh he believes in you
He gives you wings.
And what you have to do
Is just believe in him.
I still work on my second poetry book. It's gonna take a while... I've written many poems recently...But this time I want my book to be really mine. Last time,it was my publisher that decided about everything and ...when I look back- I don't think it was a good thing... So now I want to make decisions... But I want to do that carefully, with no haste Smile
In a meantime, I just thought I'd share another two poems with you. I don't know if there are poetry-fans here and if you like the style I represent... But I just want to give it a try Wink


I’m waiting here.
I’ve always been.
All my journeys.
The trees I passed
On my way
-they were a dream.
A poem…
- Golden birds
Weave a nest inside my head.
I build a house
of fog and leaves
I write
an opening speech.

-The sky is waking up.
A dancing fire
In the distant East.
At last.It's done.
- Forgotten gods
Are coming home.

My sweet blood
How strong it becomes.

And even if
I won’t be able to touch you.
I’ll build you
Like a temple.


This Strange House

This strange house
Every word.
It breaths.
And sighs.
I can feel it.

Sweet voices of unwanted children
Wander around.

It’s raining.
I let white shirts
To dance and get wet.

This strange house
Didn’t get used to fire
And the grey walls
Don’t want to hear any songs.

Have you ever been happy here,

Among the raindrops
And stones?
Cherry i'm not big fan of poetry( it's one exception : i love tennyson )
But i like yours Luxhello and i'm really happy we have here a lot of talented girlsok
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