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are you the teacher or one of the musicians?
I'm leading the choir... Smile i'm that girl in white skirt who is jumping on the stage and waving her hands Smile
Toxyn, good hobby! The children are cute Happy
you `re making your job really good - such cute kids...
thank you Smile)) they really are...i would be better if you could understand what they are singing because i suppose it sounds funny to you...but this are not children's songs, that are gospels....

(09-26-2009 07:16 PM)toxyn Wrote: [ -> ]but this are not children's songs, that are gospels....

The first one is Let My People Go, right Happy?

Great job with the kids ok they are very sweet!
yes...first one is let my people go, second is Awsome God, and third in my first post is Prince of peace Smile
Such a nice hobby you have @Toxyn. yes
It all sounds so lovely, the kids are cute and you're leading them very well.
Respect!! Wonderful video's. Ylinlove
thank you very much...that was our first concert...we are already working on second...i love to work with them...they are so sweet
(09-26-2009 11:48 PM)toxyn Wrote: [ -> ]that was our first concert

Really?? Then you did a great job because it all looks pefect. Luxhello
than you....and yes it was our first concert...i'm leading this choir for a year now (from september 2008), and the concert was in june 2009 (i've been working with them for 9 month back then)

i'm glad you like it
Hey toxyn, that all are too much nice. There is no any word to say about your hobby. Its too much nice hobby. I really appreciated to your this work. And AS you said that it is your first consert then its really very grateful. I really really like your hobby and indirectly we can say your time pass.
In my free time I go to watch woman soccer games from my fave football club TuS Lipperode and I watch football games where Anika and Ole are playing (TuS Lipperode). Oh and I meeting my friends, very important for me, because I saw them very rarly, because I stay very often in Herzebrock!
My hobby is painting......

Great work!! I like it!!YlinloveLuxhello
@Toxyn-Great hobby! I like it.YlinloveYlinloveYlinlove
My hobby is Paddy Big Grin and the Kelly's
drawing and making Blingees Big Grin
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