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Full Version: Christmas All Year
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I was surprised to see we had no thread for this amazing CD/DVD.
I was just watching clips of it on YT (as some of you might have noticed over time, I start celebrating Christmas at least two months before the rest of the normal world Tongue) and no need to mention I couldn't hold from crying which I'm sure had happened to many of you before! Sad

This is one of my fave Kelly albums, and it's the most emotional one for me. yes When I remember my grandmother in deathbed, as she died of breast-cancer, I recall she couldn't get out of bed for a month, that's how bad it was and to see Mama Kelly in that state make a video with the family, sacrifice so much for them use her last atoms of strength to be with them and support them... that is really a painful sight and makes you see how eternal mother's love can be.

Also, when I see Kellys at such young stage be able and brave enough to perform such huge songs in their very own way, without any pomposity and in such a heartfelt and simple way... I think many world famous singers and stars who feel concert halls with poncy folks in fancy suits could learn a lot from Kellys! okTongue

Tell us what you guys think, although I'm sure many of us share pretty same opinions Wink
You said it very well @blocky!

I also love this video Babydust Its very sad to watch and I do it just once or twice a year. Specially now when I´ve been to Belascoian and remember all those places.

The way Mama Barbara looks for her children, so tender..and knowing se would die soon but still she did it from them... And all that sadness on the older kids eyes... Sad Sad

Its very very special Babydust
Where can I see it?
@Babausis - I never watched the complete video, but there are clips of some songs on YT. You probably know which songs those are - Jingle Bells, O Du Froehliche, Angels we have heard on high, Joy To The World, Still, Still, Still, Adeste Fideles, Oh little town of Bethlehem....
Strange, 'cause I've never seen them on YT
Here are some of them

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@Blocky beautiful words about this video. 100% agree with you ok

It's the most amazing video I've seen from Kelly's and one of my faves.
But it's also their saddest video crying

@Moni thanks for the YT links Ylinlove There are lots Christmas all year video's to find on YT yes
thank you so much for the videos! I've never seen any of them before
You're welcome Smile.
The videos are gone scream crying I love old videos, just watched those last week.
Have you got this somewhere? I'd love to see it Pray
Eem...videos were here, the links to youtube, but now there are nomore christmas videos. The user closed scream his account Nixweiss I`d like to get these too, very much Aniheart
It´s so lovely. I watched it yesterday

I agree with you all! yes

The video is so beautiful, but so sad. The video is filled with so much love, but I think we all can see the sadness too...

I love to see this older videos, when the children is younger and with Barbara.AngelAniheart
I never noticed the terribly small face of Barbara before Eek
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