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Full Version: Your opinion about CD "The Bonus-Tracks Album"
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I like it a lot, great idea to get all those great bonus from singels Ylinlove

My fave songs:
1. It´s Ok now
2. Never Gonna Break me Down
3. I´ll send you a Letter
4. Fat Man
5. Roses of Red
1.Look Up My File
2.I'll Send You A Letter
3.Fat man
4.It's ok now
5..When The Last Tree.
1. Never Gonna Break me Down - one of their best songsAniheart
2. I'll send you a letter
3. Fat Man
4. It's ok now
5. Look up my file
1. I`ll send you a letter
2. Never gonna break me down
3. It`s ok now
4.Look up my life
5. When the last tree
I like this cd alot, the music on it is nice and the whole booklet is very nice Big Grin

I don't like to make a top 5 because this is different every time, it really depends on my mood, but my favorite songs on this album are:

Look up my File Headbanger
I'll send you a letter
It's ok now
When the last tree
Never gonna Break me down
I like this album very much, especially because here are Alle kinder brauchen freunde, Never gonna break me down, We have come to adore him, It's o.k. now, Mrs Speechless, Look up my file, I'll send you a letter... Great songs!!!!
does songs aren't on the bonustrack album, right?

I like this album a lot and my fave's are :

Fat man
Look up my file
it's ok now
never gonna break me down
I'm so happy
1. Santa Maria
2. Quisiera Ser Un Ángel
3. It's Ok Now
4. Say That You Love Me
Look up my file
Fat man
Its ok now
I ll send you a letter
Say that you love me
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