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Magdalion (A fantasy story about Barby written by me)
09-10-2008, 01:01 AM (This post was last modified: 09-10-2008 01:02 AM by Glen.)
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RE: Magdalion (A fantasy story about Barby written by me)
I usually don't like RPF (real person fiction), but yours is different from most. I love the fantasy aspects. It's very imaginative, and it's a very convincing alternative world, even with its own mythology. Well done. yes Luxhello
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09-10-2008, 10:02 PM (This post was last modified: 11-08-2009 07:42 PM by Proganthony.)
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RE: Magdalion (A fantasy story about Barby written by me)
Chapter 3

A few hours later the wagon rode through the forest that seperated the city of Melodion from the elven kingdom of Termonia. Anthony sat on the box, while Barby was inside of the wagon, watching over the girl. Apart from breathing, the girl hadn't given a sign of life.
Anthony hoped they could help the girl. When they had returned to Melodion, it was decided that Heather would go back to the city to inform the Highmaster of Melodion, while Anthony and Barby would bring the girl to Florence and Verona. If the girl was kept asleep by magic, the elves would know best how to help her.
The girl... Anthony found it a pity that they didn't know her name. Calling her 'the girl' sounded so cold. He wondered who she was, and what kind of life she must have had before Tarnoschka was burnt down. And that last thought made him wonder what kind of future she would have.
After a while Anthony saw a familiar house near a hill, that was in fact a geyser. Verona was at work in the garden, taking care of medicinal herbs. She heartily greeted him. "Hello Anthony, is everything alright?" Anthony shook his head. "Sadly not, Verona. We're taking a child with us, that has been put in a magical sleep. We need your help." Verona said: "Bring her inside, I'll warn Florence."

A little while later Barby and Anthony were standing in the same room where they have been laying themselves a year before. But now there laid a little child, trapped in a magical sleep.
"I'm sorry", said Florence. "I don't have the right knowledge against this magic. I need some help for this myself. But don't worry, I know who can help us." "What do you want to do?" Barby asked.
Florence replied: "The nearest town from here is Allorea. In the hospital of that town, a brother of ours is working. His name is Milan, and he is able to walk the Paths of Dreams." "Paths of Dreams? What do you mean?" Anthony asked. Florence continued: "The Paths of Dreams is merely a name. Milan is very gifted with empathy and telepathy. He is able to enter the world that we see in our dreams. And I suspect that this girl is trapped within a dream. Milan is able to enter that dream and could be able to find out what keeps this girl in that trap."
Anthony said: "I guess that will be our best chance to help the girl. Well, let's go then." Florence said: "Just wait a moment, Anthony. If I must leave my post, I must take care of some business, in case someone will need my help while I'm away. And after all, it's almost evening now. We'll go tomorrow early in the morning." "Do you think there's enough time to wait?" Barby said worriedly. Florence smiled to comfort her. "Don't worry too much, if this magic was meant to kill the gril, it would have already done so. No, I think this magic was meant to keep her trapped."
Anthony could understand the logic of it. "Verona once said to me that I can't help anyone if I keep exhausting myself. We'd gladly accept your invitation."

That night Barby was visited in her dream. She was standing in a dark forest, but then she saw a bright shining light in the distance. She ran in the direction of the light. At an open space she could see a young woman dance. For a moment she was surprised to see herself dance. She couldn't be standing in two places. But then she recognised the woman. "Mama!"
The woman turned around. "Oh, my sweet child. Is everything alright with you?" Barby wanted to embrace her. Her mother had appeared before her twice before. She didn't understand how or why, but she had appeared when she was in trouble and had helped her.
Her mother continued: "Of course everything is alright with you. I can see. You're becoming a fine Musician, and you've finally found your one true love. I hope that you'll become just as happy with him as I was with your father." For a moment Barby didn't know what she had to say. "Anthony....he's so sweet..." is daddy? Will I ever see him too? But swiftly she came to the point. "Mother, we've found a child in a burnt village, but as I understood, she's trapped in her dream. Can't we help her." Her mother's face became grim. "Trapped in a dream. That is not right. That must be an evil trick of the Dark One."
The Dark One? Sha'Tarno! The antipole of Grandmother Garma, the Enemy of all living creatures. Barby had seen him once, when she had nearly died. Barby shivered when she thought about that. It turned out to be the truth, Sha'Tarno appeared before dying people to seduce them and abduct them to the underworld before they could reach the Paradise. But her mother had saved her, as well as Florence's medical knowledge and Anthony's love for her. But who could save the little girl then? Her family was probably dead, and she and Anthony were complete strangers for her.
Barby could feel the arms of her mother around her. "I must go now, you will wake up any moment. Listen carefully. If you can't find a way to save the girl, then you must search the Dreamwriters."
Dreamwriters? "What are dreamwriters?", Barby asked.
But it was already too late. Barby saw her mother fade from view, while in the distance she could hear the voice of Anthony who was trying to wake her up.

(to be continued)
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09-11-2008, 09:03 AM
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RE: Magdalion (A fantasy story about Barby written by me)
It's getting more and more interesting's amazing how you write...I can see the story infront of my ey[/b]es Smile ok
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09-11-2008, 11:25 AM
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RE: Magdalion (A fantasy story about Barby written by me)
I had to read three chapters without break Wink
It´s really more dark but very exciting.
I think that almost everyone who likes fantasy stories like your story. Did you show it also to your dutch friends?

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09-11-2008, 09:43 PM
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RE: Magdalion (A fantasy story about Barby written by me)
Of course, Petra. The story was written in Dutch for the Dutch Kellyforum, after all...Wink
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09-11-2008, 10:58 PM
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RE: Magdalion (A fantasy story about Barby written by me)
Chapter 4

Anthony gently pulled on Barby's shoulder. "Barby, wake up, it's almost time to go." Barby opened her eyes. "What time is it?" she asked. "It's almost one hour after sunrise.", Anthony replied. "Florence is almost done with her preparations. We'll go to Allorea soon to help the girl."
Thinking about the girl made Barby remember her dream. "Anthony, I had a dream tonight. About my mother." Anthony smiled. "That must have been a very beautiful dream." "No, please, listen." Barby said impatiently. "In my dream I told my mother about the girl. She said that if we couldn't help her, we had to search for 'dreamwriters'." Anthony thought about this and said: "I don't know what dreamwriters are. But maybe Florence or Verona do know about them. Anyway, we'll keep this in mind.
"So you believe me?" Barby asked. Anthony hugged his girlfriend. "Of course I believe you." Barby smiled. "For a moment I was thinking you would tell me that it was only a dream." Anthony smiled back and kissed her. "Dear Barby, when you live in Melodion as long as I do, you will find out that many strange things will become very normal. Even dreams can give you some clues when everything else has failed." However, Anthony didn't say to her that some things still remained strange. He knew that there were spirits known as guardian angels, but he had never heard about someone actually seeing them!
But he didn't mind, he was absolutely sure that despiute it being strange, it was not something wrong.

After a short breakfast Anthony, Barby, Florence and Verona were ready to leave. The girl was lying in the bed inside Anthony's wagon. Barby would watch over her again, while Florence and Verona showed Anthony how to ride. Before they left Barby told Florence about her dream, but Florence couldn't give more information either. "I'm not a specialist of dreams. Maybe Milan can tell us more about it."
But when they wanted to leave a voice cried out: "Wait!" Everyone looked, and they saw Heather riding a white horse. Anthony recognised the horse. "That's the horse of the Highmaster." "Indeed." said Heather. "The Highmaster has ordered me to stay with you. After all, I'm still your teacher." "Alright.", said Anthony. "The more men, the stronger the group." "There's just one problem though", Barby said teasingly. "You are the only man in this group."

Allorea was reached after a one hour journey from the Elvenhouse. Of the humans, only Heather had visited the Elvencity before, but only once. Anthony and Barby were mesmerized by the beauty of the Elvencity. Even the already stunningly beautiful city of Melodion looked like a simple farmer's village. The houses looked as if they weren't built but as they have been growing straight from the earth into a city. There just wasn't another way to describe it. Florence said: "The hospital lies at the east side of the city. Follow me."

At the hospital they were greeted by Milan, who was informed about his sisters' visit. "Milan, we come here for this girl." Florence said while pointing at the sleeping girl in Anthony's arms. "We assume that she's been trapped magically in her dream." Milan said: "Well, we can find out very quickly."
Barby said to Milan: "Florence told us that you can enter anyone's dream. How?" Milan turned to her and said: "I can even show it to you, if you dare. Come with me."
They followed Milan to an empty room. In the middle stood a bed. "Lay the girl on the bed." he said. Meanwhile he lit a few sticks of incense. "This doesn't hold any magic, but still it will make it a lot easier." "What does it make easier?" Heather asked. "To fall asleep" Milan replied. "To enter a dream you must sleep."
Everyone sat down in a circle around the bed. Milan took one hand of the girl in his hand and Florence took the other. "To enter someone else's dream, you must be in contact with each other in the real world. Holding each other's hand is the easiest way. If you want to see her dream, we must form a circle."
Anthony was the first to join. He lied down and took Milan's other hand. Barby followed her boyfriend and Heather lied down beside her. Finally Verona completed the circle by lying down between Heather and Florence.
Milan spoke with a soft voice: "Sleep now. In the dreamworld I will be your guide. Sleep, and see what keeps this girl imprisoned."

Barby looked around. Everywhere she looked she saw mist. Where was she? Instinctively she called out. "Anthony!" "I'm here, Barby.", she heard from close by. She walked in the direction of the sound of Anthony's voice, and then she also saw Heather appear. "Are we all here....wherever 'here' is?" Then the elves appeared too. "We're all here.", Milan siad. "And 'here' is the dream of the girl." "But where is the girl?", Heather asked. Milan beckoned them to follow him.
Before their eyes appeared a high black wall. "The here."

(to be continued)
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09-11-2008, 11:33 PM
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RE: Magdalion (A fantasy story about Barby written by me)
How nice being able to walk through Elvencity before going to sleep, it's a good place to dream with! Happy

I agree with Petula07, I've always liked fantasy stories and this is really good.

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09-12-2008, 08:17 AM (This post was last modified: 09-12-2008 08:17 AM by Petula07.)
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RE: Magdalion (A fantasy story about Barby written by me)

I know who inspirated you for name Heather but I have one question...
Verona and Florence are cities in Italy - have you been there or is it only coincidental selection?

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09-12-2008, 09:43 AM
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RE: Magdalion (A fantasy story about Barby written by me)
Petula07 Wrote:LuxhelloLuxhello

I know who inspirated you for name Heather but I have one question...
Verona and Florence are cities in Italy - have you been there or is it only coincidental selection?

The cities names are partly an inspiration, but I've never been there (yet). Florence is a nurse, so I named her after the most famous nurse: Florence Nightingale. But then I thought that one nurse all alone would have too much work to do, so I thought about a sister for her. Naming her after another city would indicate they are sisters, and I chose the name Verona, as I'm a big fan of Verona van de Leur, the best gymnast my country has ever had.
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09-12-2008, 12:46 PM
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RE: Magdalion (A fantasy story about Barby written by me)
Thank you for your answer, that´s little bit funny. I have been in Verona and Florence so that´s what I think when I read these two names Wink

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09-12-2008, 09:52 PM
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RE: Magdalion (A fantasy story about Barby written by me)
Chapter 5

The sextet walked around the black wall. The menacing colour was more than enough to understand that the wall was created by magic. But nowhere they could find a door or a window. But suddenly Heather called out: "Look! Up there, there's a hole in the wall" Because it was very dark and misty in the girl's dream, the hole in the wall was hardly noticeable, but after Heather gave a few pointers, the others could see the hole too. "I think this hole must be the result of the protection magic I used in Tarnoschka, but it;s too small to get through." "But we could try if we could see something through the hole." Barby suggested.
So Anthony lifted hi girlfried, so that she could reach the hole. She had to lean against the wall to find balance....and then she screamed out in pain. "Barby, what's happening?", Heather asked.
Barby didn't answer immediately, but then she said: "This is strange. When I touched the wall, it felt like my hand was set on fire, but the stones around the hole feel very soft and smooth. Heather replied: "I think that must be the effect of opposing kinds of magic. Our protection magic against Sha'Tarno's dark powers."
Barby looked through the hole. Half hidden in the corner she could see the girl sitting down. Softly, so she wouldn't startle her, Barby called out to the girl: "Hello!"
The girl stood up. "Are you an angel?" Relieved because the gril wasn't afraid of her, Barby shook her head. "My name is Barby, and I am here with my friends. We're coming to help you." The girl walked towards the hole. "No, that can't be. You must be an angel. Mama said that the angels would be coming when people died. And everyone was dead, that was the last thing I've seen before I came here."
"I am not an angel", Barby said. "And you are not dead, you are caught by a magic spell. But we want to help you. Could you tell us your name?" The girl replied: "My name is Marlayne, and I'm nine years old." Barby nodded. "That's a very beautiful name. Marlayne, we want to help you, but maybe you could help us too. Do you know what Dreamwriters are? An angel - a real angel - has told me that they could save you." Marlayne thought about this. Then suddenly she remembered. "Old Tobias was troubled by nightmares. Mama told him that he should search for the Dreamwriters in the North. They could help him. But I don't know what Dreamwriters are." Barby smiled with relief. Dreamwriters really existed. She smiled to Marlayne. "Thank you, Marlayne. It was very good of you to remember that. We will go searching for the Dreamwriters to get you out of here. Don't be afraid, we will come back as soon as possible." Marlayne snorted. "I'm NEVER afraid." Barby smiled again, but it was clear for her that the little girl only acted to be brave. Still she said: "That's very good. Hold on, this wall will soon disappear."
Barby gave Anthony a sign that he could put her down again. She told the others what Marlayne had told her, that they could probably find the Dreamwriters in the North of Magdalion. "That's quite a dangerous place to go to now, if there have been more attacks like the one on Tarnoschka.", Heather said. "But it's the only option that we have if we want to help Marlayne.", Anthony replied.
Milan beckoned everyone to come stand together. "I will let us now wake up, but stay close together, otherwise you will get lost in this dream."

(to be continued)
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09-13-2008, 11:00 PM (This post was last modified: 09-14-2008 11:55 PM by Proganthony.)
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RE: Magdalion (A fantasy story about Barby written by me)
Chapter 6

After everyone had awakened from the dream, plans were made to search for the Dreamwriters. Unfortunately Florence made it clear that she could not go with the group. "I'm a nurse, and I can't stay away from my post for an unlimited time." Despite the regret, everyone could understand. "But I can help in another way." Florence said. She gave Barby some injection needles and a big bottle with a pink transparent fluid. "This fluid holds all the nourishment a human needs. Give Marlayne an injection every day, and she won't die from starvation." Barby accepted the needles and the fluid, but Anthony said: "When we met you for the first time, you didn't use this fluid." Florence replied: "That wasn't necessary. When we knew for sure that Barby would be fully cured, we knew how much time it wouldapproximately take until she would be cured. But now we don't know how much time it will take before you will find the Dreamwriters, and if they actually can help Marlayne."

Anthony, Barby and Heather said goodbye to Florence. It was decided that Verona and Milan would join them. Milan would try to make more contact with Marlayne in her dream using his gift.
But when they were about to leave, a voice called out. "Madame Barbara-Ann! Is everything alright with you?" Everyone turned around. An Elfwoman walked straight to Barby. "Is everything alright?" she asked again. "I've often wondered how you were doing, but I was transfered to the hospital in Termonia. I'm sorry I couldn't do more to help you." Barby was confused. "I'm sorry, but I don't know who you are."
The Elfwoman smiled. "Of course. How foolish of me. Humans don't live as long as elves. But then you must be the daughter of Madame Barbara-Ann! You look remarkably like your mother." Now Barby was even more confused. "You knew my mother?" Anthony and Heather were surprised too. They'd always thought that Barby was from Magdalion, but apparently her mother had been to Melodion before.
The Elfwoman continued: "Your mother came here because there were some complications with a delivery." Barby looked as if her eyes could fall out of her head. Not only had her mother been here before, but someone of her family was born here? With hesitation she asked a question, not knowing how she had to react to the answer: "How long ago was that?"
The Elfwoman thought about it for a while. "It was about a month after newyearsday, thirty years ago. No, almost thirty-one already."
Barby's legs were trembling. Anthony quickly grabbed a chair and let his girlfriend sit down. He understood it too.
The Elfwoman looked worried. Barby explained it to her: "That baby...was me!"

Barby and Anthony were sitting in a waiting room. The Elfwoman - who had introduced herself as Lorendra - had gone to get a friend of hers who had been at the delivery the whole time. She could explain to Barby what had happened nearly 31 years before. Heather, Verona and Milan had discreetly decided to wait at the entrance of the building, but Barby wanted her boyfriend to be with her.
After a few minutes, Lorendra and another Elfwoman entered the room. "This is Glendarama, she was there when you were born, Miss Barby." Glendarama took a good look at Barby. "She is the daugther of Madame Barbara-Ann? Grandmother Garma, the resemblance is striking!"
But Barby didn't want to waste time. "Can you tell me what you know about my mother? And what were these 'complications' where Lorendra talked about."
The pain could be seen on Glendarama's face. "I don't know what exactly happened. But I remember that your mother was seriously wounded when she came here. She was hit by an arrow that was out of its course. It can be called a miracle that you yourself wasn't hit. Anyway, it was decided by your mother that you should be saved first. You would be born only two weeks too early, and if your mother died after all, you would still be alive. But thank Garma, thanks to the skills of our doctors, your mother was saved too." Barby looked relieved, even though she knew her mother had to be saved. After all, she had two younger brothers and a younger sister. But Anthony said: "There's more to it, isn't it?"
Glendarama nodded. "A mistake has been made, and I can see it." Barby looked up with surprise, and Glendarama continued her story: "When you were born, you were very weak. We feared that after a couple of days you would still die. But we Elves know about energy-boosting medicines that have been forgotten by Men. We decided to inject the medicine into your body to increase your life force." Anthony nodded. "Is that the same medicine that Florence gave us for Marlayne?" Glendarama nodded as a confirmation.
"But one day it went wrong. A new pupil incidentally switched the syringes, and you were injected with Elven blood." Barby's face became pale. "I...I have Elven blood inside my body?" Glendarama nodded again, and let her head hang in shame. "The pupil was fired immediately, but we kept it silent. It wasn't a deadly mistake, and we didn't want to worry your parents, but..." "NO DEADLY MISTAKE!?", Barby furiously interrupted. "You have no idea how much damage that mistake has done!" After these words Barby stormed out of the room.

Barby sat down on a bench in the garden of the hospital. Her face was wet of tears, but after a short time she had calmed down a bit. She heard footsteps coming in her direction. It was Anthony. He didn't say a word, but just sat down beside her, putting an arm around her. Barby put her arms around her and put her head against his chest. He still didn't say anything, but gently caressed her while she was crying.
"Now I understand everything.", Barby said. "Everything?", Anthony asked. Barby dried her tears and looked at her boyfriend. "This is why I keep looking so young. It's because of the Elven blood inside me. It's because of this that the people in my village called me a 'witch', it's because of this that I had to flee."
"Do you wish it had been different?", Anthony asked. Barby nodded. "Yes, I wish I could have led a life where nobody had treated me with aversion." Then Anthony asked: "But do you wish you could have had a life without me?" Barby looked at her boyfriend with surprise. "No, of course not! Why do you ask that?"
Anthony continued: "Imagine for a moment that you were a 'normal' girl. Then nobody would have hated you, you would have been married already five years ago, perhaps you would even be a mother now. Then you would never leave the village, you would have to give up your dream of going to Melodion...and you would never have been my girlfriend if everything had been different."
Barby held her boyfriend closer to her. "You're right, Anthony. What a stupid thing from me to say." Anthony kissed his girlfriend. "You are not stupid, Barby. You have just heard a shocking fact about your life, so a reaction like this is only natural. And believe me, I've often hated my life, but there are still more than enough beautiful moments to make a life worthwhile. Never forget this."
Gently Anthony rocked Barby in his arms, but said nothing more. The silence fell over Barby like a relaxing oil.
After a few minutes she said: "Thanks Anthony, I feel better now. Let's go back to the others."

Heather, Verona and Milan were still waiting at the entrance of the hospital. Barby told in brief the story that Glendarama told her. Verona told her: "So, now I can understand why you can see your mother, although she has passed away. That gift has been given to you too through the Elvenblood, but because you're still a human, it has slightly been twisted. You are unique, Barby."
"Still, there is one thing I don't understand.", Anthony said. "How was it possible for your parents to come to this hospital if they're not from Melodion?" A voice at the door spoke: "I can answer that question." It was the Highmaster of Melodion.
Heather asked: "Highmaster, what are you doing here?" The Highmaster answered: "I'm making preparations for a possible battle in Magdalion. If it truly comes to war, we need as many nurses as possible." Then he turned to Barby: "But to answer your question: You probably guessed it already, but Barby's parents were from Melodion." Yet another surprise for Barby. " that possible? All my memories are from Magdalion...from the village I lived in, and our Inn where we have always lived."
The Highmaster continued his story. "Your parents were once very talented Musicians. But they were also deeply in love with each other. As you know, it is very rare that Musicians marry, but they did marry, and soon afterwards they got children. That wasn't a problem in the beginning, but your family got bigger and bigger.
As you also know, Musicians don't ask money for their performances, just food, drinks and a place to sleep. And all Innkeepers of Magdalion are happy to pay that price. But as the family got bigger, your father felt that this price was too high for the Innkeepers, especially for those who live in poor countries. All of a sudden he decided to quit as a Musician, and start a different profession.
We respected his choice, but as it is a law that the location of Melodion must remain a secret to those who are not a Musician, we used our magic to erase your memories of Melodion. After that, you were free to go wherever you wanted to go" The Highmaster laughed for a moment: "I just don't understand why he became an Innkeeper. Maybe a little bit of his memory was still intact, and did he became an Innkeeper himself, as he felt sorry for them as a Musician, or did he choose a profession in which he could possibly meet a Musician. Sadly we will never know that. Grandmother Garma, take care of his soul, he was a good man."
Barby still wanted to know one thing. "When I came here the first time, did you know who I was?" The Highmaster confirmed this. "Those who were old enough knew it immediately, as you look remarkably like your mother. But we didn't say anything, so that you wouldn't have any doubt. Even the slightest doubt would have been enough to reject you from entering the School."
When Barby didn't say anything, the Highmaster said: "I understand your reaction. This must be very shocking for you. But please believe me when I say that we don't wish any harm to you." Barby replied: "I don't reproach you with anything." The Highmaster was relieved to hear that.
Then the Highmaster talked to them all. "I understand you still want to help this girl, pointing ot Marlayne." Anthony said: "We now know where we might find some help." The Highmaster sighed: "Be careful, though. Don't get involved in the battles. We are Musicians, not soldiers. We do have some sorts of magic, but if Sha'Tarno himself is involved, then our magic is likely not enough."
Anthony replied: "We're just a small group, perhaps we don't attract that much attention. We could find the Dreamwriters before Sha'Tarno finds out." The Highmaster said: "Still, be very careful. But you have my blessing." With these words the Highmaster left the hospital.

(to be continued)
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09-13-2008, 11:38 PM
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RE: Magdalion (A fantasy story about Barby written by me)
Very nice, as always Wink
Especially this part where is only Anthony and Barby is... like movie Luxhello

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09-14-2008, 10:38 PM
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RE: Magdalion (A fantasy story about Barby written by me)
Chapter 7

Carefully Anthony led his wagon through the hills of Northern Magdalion. A few days had passed and finally they had been given a very important clue to help them on their search for the Dreamwriters.
They had started the search close to Tarnoschka. Heather, who had travelled the most of them all, had showed him the way to the villages around Tarnoschka. It turned out that the Dreamwriters were quite well known. It was said that they could give rest to people who were tormented by nightmares or lack of sleep. Initially they mostly heard stories about the deeds of the Dreamwriters, but finally a woman told them that they had to search for the Dreamwriters around the Pillars of Thorlax, the mountains which formed the northern border of Magdalion. When they heard about this, they had travelled a few days to the north.
While Anthony was driving the wagon and Heather was navigating for him, Barby was inside the wagon with the Elves to take care of Marlayne in whichever way they could. With the help of Milan's gift, she visited her every day in her dream and talked to her through the hole in the Wall. Sometimes Marlayne still thought that Barby was an angel, but she was never afraid of her. Slowly but surely there was a bond of trust growing between them. This made Barby very happy. Before she had met Anthony, she had very few friends, and she was happy that Marlayne, despite her young age, was becoming a friend of her.
And when she had a moment of free time, Barby looked out of the window to look at the environment. She only knew the village where she had grown up, but now she could see the beauty of the rest of the world.

After a few days travelling they reached the mountains. Anthony stopped the wagon, and they set up their camp. "So, somewhere around here the Dreamwriters must live.", Heather said. "The woman said that there must be a tunnel around here that will lead to their city." Anthony looked around unsurely. "There are so many tunnels in the mountains. How do we know which one is the right one?" Suddenly Verona said: "Let me go surveying." Anthony wasn't sure, but Heather said: "Alright, but come back immediately when you sense any danger. We have been lucky so far, but we're still in a zone threatened by war." Verona nodded, and walked away fast.
After a few hours she returned and said she had found the tunnel. Anthony was surprised. "How did you find it between all other tunnels." Verona smiled. "Very simple. After all the stories we have heard, it became clear to me that the Dreamwriters must be using a kind of magic. And we Elves can sense magic. So I let myself be led by the attraction of the magic, and that's how I found the tunnel."
"There's only one thing: the tunnel is too small to ride through with the wagon." Anthony said: "Then I will carry Marlayne. Let's go." He quickly looked at Barby and saw relief on her face. It wouldn't be much longer before Marlayne could be freed.

The group walked through the tunnel, while Anthony carried Marlayne. The tunnel was very long and curvy, and they started to lose all sense of time and direction.
The silence was interrupted by Verona. "I smell something strange." Barby sniffed the air. "I don't smell anything." Anthony said: "Elves have better senses than humans. Let's be careful."
After a few minutes Verona warned again: "The scent is getting stronger." And Milan said: "I smell it too. A strange smell, but not a disturbing smell."
Suddenly Heather called out: "Look out!" A white mist came through the tunnel in their direction. "Go back!", Anthony called.
But no matter how fast they ran, the mist was overtaking them quickly. The smell was unknown to them, but it was a very nice scent. For a moment they felt at peace, until Barby felt down.
"Barby!", Anthony cried out. Then Heather fell down too. "This drugging us...", Verona said with a weak voice. "...but...the not poisonous." Then she fell down too, beside her brother.
And finally Anthony's strong will gave up too, and he slowly fell into a deep blackness."

(to be continued)
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09-15-2008, 07:26 AM
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RE: Magdalion (A fantasy story about Barby written by me)
Oh exciting the story is.... What might have happened with them???? Antony write quickly the next chapter....
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09-15-2008, 10:32 AM
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RE: Magdalion (A fantasy story about Barby written by me)
Chapter 8

Barby walked through the forest searching for Anthony. Suddenly she heard his voice over the sound of dashing water. "Barby, this way."
Barby ran to him. She saw him bathing in a small lake, and the sound of the water came from a waterfall. Anthony spread out his arms towards her. "Why don't you come in too?" But Barby shook her head. "I'm sorry, but I can't swim." Anthony chuckled. "Neither can I, but these waters are shallow enough. Come on."
Barby thought about it. She could use a bath after such a long journey -
Journey? What journey? - but still she felt some resservation.
As if he could read her thoughts Anthony said: "Apart from some squirrels, peacocks and some other birds, nobody else is here." Eventually Barby gave in. She took of her white dress -
Strange, I thought I had put on a green dress for the Spring Feast. - and she walked into the water.
Anthony took her in his embrace. Barby looked into his eyes. They didn't need words to tell how much they loved each other. His touch alone was enough to give Barby a feeling of warmth and safety. Anthony lifted Barby a little higher, so she could rest her head against his shoulder. Barby put her arms around him and closed her eyes, daydreaming away in the arms of her boyfriend.
Suddenly she felt water streaming over her. She was completely startled. In her musing she hadn't noticed that Anthony had been walking towards the waterfall. "You wicked!", she said in mock reproach. Anthony silenced her by kissing her. Barby immediately answered his kiss. Despite the cool water she started to feel warm inside, and she felt Anthony's heartbeat going faster too. Softly she pressed her lips against his neck.
Anthony started to stroke her hair, and then his hand slid over her back. His other arm lifted Barby a little higher. Barby's body sparkled when he kissed her breasts, and slowly he went down to her belly.
Barby enjoyed it. She always liked it that Anthony took all time for her. She was absolutely sure that this was more beautiful than the wild stories of which Rachel, her only friend in her village, had told her about. She closed her eyes again and let it all come.

Barby was laying on the grass, letting her wet body dry in the sun. With nothing else than her long hair to cover her and a shining smile on her face, she looked like a beautiful dryad. But Anthony wasn't finished with teasing her. With a peacock's feather he caressed her body from head to toe, and he couldn't resist tesing her with the big birthmark on her leg. Barby let him do what he wanted. She knew his teasing wasn't meant to be painful, and besides, she sometimes teased him with the scar in his eyebrow too.
The feather again touched Barby's breasts. It reminded her of the evening a year before, when they had confessed their love for each other, but then Anthony had used a rose. But wait, when they had saved Marlayne, she would surprise him too.
Marlayne? Who is Marlayne?
Suddenly, totally unexpected, she jumped up, grabbed Anthony tight, and let herself fall on top of him. "OK, it's enough now.", she said while she kissed his chest. While her hand slid over his collar bone, she said: "A little nap for a moment isn't wrong either." Anthony's hand were sliding down towards Barby's hips and buttocks, but he gave in. He would never be pushing his way against her will. The two lovers fell asleep, holding each others hand.

The Mistress of the Dreamwriters sighed deep: "So typical for men to think of only one thing." From up above she heard laughter. The Mistress looked up. "What's so funny?" A voice replied: "Actually you have seen the dream of the woman." "Woman?", the Mistress asked. "Indeed.", said the voice. "She might look very young, but actually she is the oldest of the group of humans."
That didn't matter that much to the Mistress. What was more important for her to know is who they were and what they were doing here. No one could enter the domain of the Dreamwriters when they didn't want them to, and with the recent threat of war, they were even more alert.
The voice teased the Mistress a little more: "If it makes you feel better about your mistake: The dream of the man was almost identical. I've rarely seen a couple that loved each other so much that their deepest wish of them both is practically the same: be with each other."
The Mistress nodded. That was a part of their defence: Sending a dream to the intruder that revealed their deepest wish. That way they could see if the intruder had good or bad intentions.
"So these tow are harmless. And what about the other woman?" The voice said: "She is a little bit more ambitious, she wants to become the best Musician." The Mistress looked up. "Musician? She is from Melodion? Then we have captured friends. I'll free them immediately, then they can tell why they are here."

(to be continued)
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09-15-2008, 12:51 PM
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RE: Magdalion (A fantasy story about Barby written by me)
Thank you for posting another chapter so quickly....I thought that the Dreamwriters sent them asleep, but i couldn't imagine for what.... HailHailHail
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09-15-2008, 11:46 PM
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RE: Magdalion (A fantasy story about Barby written by me)
Chapter 9

Anthony woke up in a dark room. Confused he wondered how he did get here. Vaguely he remembered a tunnel filled with mist, but he also remembered how he and Barby went bathing in a lake in the forest near melodion. And he wasn't sure which memory was real.
He looked around and found out that the room wasn't completely dark. The walls were covered with twinkilng stars. He now realised where he was. "The Dreamwriters.", he whispered.
He looked beside him and saw that Barby was still sleeping. According to the smile on her face, she surely had a beautiful dream.
From the room came sounds of people waking up. He saw that Heather, Verona and Milan were here too. He decided to wake up Barby too.
At that moment a voice came from outside: "Is everyone awake?" With these words the Mistress of the Dreamwriters came in. She looked around and said: "It's a good thing that you are no servants of Sha'Tarno, otherwise you wouldn't be here." This infuriated Milan. "Are the Dreamwriters so distrustful that they can't recognise Elves?! We are no slaves of Sha'Tarno, and we will never be so."
The Mistress looked cool at him. "It wouldn't be the first time that intruders try to enter our realm, disguised as Elves. Don't you know you can't enter without our permisson?"
Anthony interrupted them. "Indeed, we didn't know that. We've asked many people for information about the Dreamwriters, but nobody has told us anything about permission. But from your words I can understand that you know now who we are. Then you must know that we don't have any bad intentions. We are only coming here for help. Help for this girl here...." Suddenly Anthony noticed that Marlayne wasn't in the room.
The Mistress said: "We are already investigating how we could help the girl." And with a little apology in her voice she said: "Forgive my words, but soon you will see why we have to take such drastic precautions. Secrecy is very necessary for us. But now we know you can trust us. Follow me, and see the work of the Dreamwriters."

The friends were taken to a big hall. At one side of the hall they saw the Dreamwriters, writing stories on an unknown kind of paper. On the other side they saw patients lying in glass chests. Each chest was connected with a kind of oven, in which the Dreamwriters were burning the papers.
Everyone looked surprised when they saw the working method of the Dreamwriters. "How does all of this work?" Barby asked. The Mistress explained: "Each Dreamwriter writes a dream for one patient. It is specifically written for that patient. The paper has been infused with magic, so that when that patient inhales the smoke, the dream written down on the paper will come to them. Just compare it to burning incense. And practically every patient can be freed from their nightmares this way."
"It must however be very frustrating for a writer that he has to burn his work over and over again." The Mistress calmly replied: "Sadly that is necessary. As I told you, every story is specifically written for one patient. If a story gets to the wrong patient, the results can be disastrous, yes, even fatal! Everythinh here works with a tight pattern."
Barby interrupted her. "But where is Marlayne." The Mistress turned to the group. "I will take you to her now, but you must swear to me that what you are going to see now, you will keep as a secret. That what you are going to see is very important, yes, even the survival of humanity depends on it." Everyone agreed to remain silent. The Mistress nodded. "Oaths from Melodion are never broken. Follow me."

They entered a bigger hall, but in this hall there was only one glass chest. Barby recognised Marlayne's face immediately, and felt relieved. But immediately there followed a big surprise. The chest wasn't connected with an oven, like the chests in the previous room. Instead it was connected with something that looked like a giant egg, that hovered in the space above the chest.
"Welcome, travellers from Melodion.", a voice spoke. The surprise increased when they realised it was the egg that had spoken."
The Mistress spoke to them: "Behold Fantasia."
Heather stuttered: "Th-This is the Godess of fantasy and imagination?" The egg, Fantasia, replied: "That's who I am. And you are the ones who came here to rescue this girl from the dark claws of Sha'Tarno." Anthony replied: "That's indeed the reason why we came here. But if I'm free to ask you, why do we have to keep this place as a secret? If you can do such good deeds, wouldn't it be good to let everyone know where they can find help when they need it?"
Fantasia said: "I know your intentions are good, Anthony, but you miss the complete picture. Just like any other good force, I must beware the evil forces of Sha'Tarno. And as you can see, this shape cannot defend itself easily."
Verona asked: "Is fantasy so important that Sha'Tarno will be bothered with it?" Fantasia looked at her with a little rebuke in her eyes. "Fantasy and imagination is very important, perhaps even the most important thing for every living creature. Look around you. Everything in this world that you now take for granted had to be invented for the first time. Speech, music, architecture, justice, agriculture, et cetera, et cetera. Without fantasy, humans and Elves would still have been analfabetic cavemen." Verona bowed her head with shame.
Anthony said: "I understand it now. And we will keep your secret safe. But, in the first place, we came here for Marlayne. Can you help her?" Fantasia said: "I have analysed her dream, but sadly I cannot help her. But I do know who can help her."
"Then, who is it?", Barby asked.
Fantasia replied: "The only person who could be able to save Anthony!"

(to be continued)
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09-16-2008, 01:30 AM
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RE: Magdalion (A fantasy story about Barby written by me)
After some hard days working, nothing is better than read your story, Anthony WinkWink. My mind is now in Magdalion with our heroes Barby, Anthony, Heather and their friends, and I´m still worried about Marlayne, but at least, Fantasia knows the way to save her Hail. Let´s see what hapen then...

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09-16-2008, 07:29 PM
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RE: Magdalion (A fantasy story about Barby written by me)
Diana, I can´t say it better.
I am always impressed Hail
Anthony, you have really nice ideas for your story.

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